Friday, June 6, 2014

Blog Tour with Review: Possess My Soul by J.A. Howell

Book Info-
Title- Possess My Soul
Series- Possess Saga # 5
By- J.A. Howell
Publication Date- May 15th, 2014

“Being half-fae I had the ability to sense others' impending deaths. Anomalies. Deaths that didn't have to happen. Sometimes, if I had enough time to get to them, I could stop their deaths. But I never imagined I'd see my own.”

With only a week to go before she gives birth to her daughter Emma, Harley Faye Finley chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice. Trade her life for that of her daughter’s. When the time comes, she’s ready for the inevitable.

But something goes wrong.
Harley survives.
But someone…or something else is in there with her.

As this unknown, malevolent force fights for control, Harley finds herself a prisoner in her own body, and those she loves are now in mortal danger. Will she, Nolan, or anybody else be able to stop it before it’s too late?

Or will the Harley they know and love be lost to them forever?


About the Author-

J.A Howell is an office drone by day, and a writer by night. Her love of writing took off when she was eleven years old and decided to fill a composition notebook with stories to read to her friends. Many years (and notebooks) later, not much has changed. She still loves writing and sharing her works with others. When she isn’t writing, she can often be found trying her hand at whatever artistic pursuit strikes her fancy. J.A. Howell resides in Apopka, FL with her husband and their menagerie of animal children.



Possess My Soul got a lot darker than the rest of the series...and as a result so did the playlist for it. There is also a lot of action in this book so there is a lot of songs with heavy thumping beats on here as well, like Rammstein. Nightwish and Apocalyptica were really great to write to especially with all the paranormal elements. Imagine Dragons just fit Lucas’ character really well.

1- Flesh and Blood- Johnny Cash
2- Bye Bye Beautiful- Nightwish
3- Scaretale- Nightwish
4- Fake Angels- Lovedrug
5- Feed The Fire- Combichrist
6- Retaliate- VNV Nation
7- Storytime- Nightwish
8- Bodies- Drowning Pool (A good song for when shit hits the fan)
9- The Widow- The Mars Volta
10- End Of Me- Apocalyptica
11- Radioactive-Imagine Dragons
12- Du Hast- Rammstein
13- I Don’t Care- Apocalyptica
14- Demons- Imagine Dragons
15- Bleeding Out- Imagine Dragons
16- Not Strong Enough- Apocalyptica
17- Seven Devils- Florence + The Machine
18- Breathe Me- Sia
19- Don’t Bring Me Down- Sia
20- All I See- Lydia
21- Hospital- Lydia
22- Arabesque- Nightwish
23- Last Ride Of The Day- Nightwish
24- Save Yourself- Stabbing Westward (I named a chapter after this song)
25-Come Little Children- Erutan (One of the prettiest and creepiest songs)
26- Wild Horses- The Sundays (Serious Nolan Feels)
27- Never Tear Us Apart -INXS


This whole saga was an intense roller coaster ride of emotions. The ups and downs were enough to have me hyperventilating at times.  The depth of character and the twists and turns that this family goes through are written with perfect J.A. Howell perfection. I love this author and have her on my auto buy list.
This book is the conclusion to a great saga and I couldn’t wait to read it. I couldn’t put this book down as was the same with all 4 of the previous books.  The evilness that permeates this book will make you wonder about the sanity of the writer it’s just that good!
I love the growth that Nolan and Harley go through to find the courage to believe in true love and forgiveness. Keep the tissues close by and be prepared for an ugly cry, or five.
I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

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