Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random Review: Exploration by Peyton Sloane


Being with the same man since she was 18, 26 year old widow Jazz Mickelson is hoping to catch up on all the life experiences that could have been hers had she not leapt into a committed relationship so young.

Julian St. Sauveur is looking for three things: romance, comfort and trust. He mistakenly thought he had them once many years ago. He sees potential for him and Jazz but knows it is too soon for her.
Will she accept his unusual proposition, one that allows him to hold on to her while she catches up on life?...and will she choose him after experiencing all the wonders that await her?

Find out as Jazz and Julian explore their potential...

Exploration by Peyton Sloane 5 out of 5 stars

I devoured this book in one sitting. I tried to put it down to cook supper, but that didn’t happen. Thank god for Church’s chicken eh.   Peyton has a way with words that allows you to easily see what she is describing, every spine tingling, core clenching, wiggling in the seat action. 

Jazz is on her way to ‘vakay’ as a way to relax and regroup after a great loss.  She doesn’t expect to find a tall drink of water sitting beside her on the plane, but what could be the harm in a little flying time flirtation.  She won’t ever see him once she gets off the plane anyway, right? Wrong oh so wrong. 

Julian can’t seem to help himself. The lovely Jazz has captured his attention, her confidence is enticing and what she does with those fingers, oh my. He doesn’t plan to let her out of his sight until they finish exploring the possibilities.  That should only take a few days, right? 

Talk about a book hangover, in spades so you have been warned. I recommend this book to everyone. At this point I am on the edge of my seat waiting to read the next installment of this trilogy.  

I love the settings that Peyton is sharing with us. It feels like my best friend is telling me about her trip and what’s happening. She has very well thought out descriptions of places and people.  Peyton adds just enough of a hint of what is to come to keep you turning the pages for hours. Put stew in the crock pot and settle in, you won’t be disappointed. 

This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.
~~ Brenda of Brenda’s Book Beat

About this author


I have been an extreme bibliophile since I was a kid, precociously finishing my first read of "Gone with the Wind" at age 12. I've had lots of stories whirling around in my head over the years and am grateful for the opportunities afforded by the relatively new world of self-publishing.

Personally, I am a wife, career woman and mom to 2 amazing little divas, hence their photo on my page, rather than mine, they are WAY cuter...

I ride a Harley, have ink, a smart mouth and a dirty mind - this latter always with apologies to my mom who wishes she could wash it out with soap!

This journey of writing I am on is by far the most landmark moment in my life. I will always hope that my characters and their stories will bring as much enjoyment to my readers as I get from writing them!

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