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Blog Tour, giveaway & Review: Deadly Seduction by Selene Chardou

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Welcome to Northern Nevada. The scenery is idyllic, the people are friendly and three Motorcycle Clubs rule the tri-city area between Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe with an iron fist. Gisela wasn’t introduced to the thug life, she was born into it. The daughter of an American gangster, her life has been carefully orchestrated with private education, a law degree and now a respectable law firm she co-founded with Kyra Hughes, her best friend. Life is good until her high school sweetheart walks through the door of Jackson & Hughes and decides to turn her world upside down. Cillian is not an average criminal, he was brought up in the Lucifer’s Saints MC and is now V.P. of a powerful criminal enterprise. He’s no stranger to mayhem yet only one woman has ever made him feel worthy of redemption. He’s a survivor and luck has always been on his side until he is arrested and charged with the murder of an undercover ATF agent. His complicated life becomes more than he can handle when he is forced to face the only woman who has ever turned him inside out. An unconventional love story, unfinished business between these two passionate people—physical, emotional and professional—will spark a fuse that will leave a path of death and destruction in its wake.
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Now, I found myself in the same position with Cillian, and I couldn’t do it again. Not only because of Brianna but because I was in love with the fucking guy.
“Leave Brianna and we’ll pick up this conversation at another time. Until that happens…I don’t think I can do this.” My voice was small but firm.
He crawled over my body so he could face me. “Now you’re not playing fair. I told you I would leave her and I will. You can’t deny me—I won’t be able to do this without knowing you’re by my side.”
“And I will be when that Irish bitch is out of your life.” I gritted my teeth together. “You left me in a foreign country for her, and drop kicked my ass outta your life. Now, I’m supposed to drop everything because you give me a few empty promises after mind blowing sex? I want to believe you but we’ve got too damn much history between us, babe. I need to see some actions before I commit to anything.”
Cillian smiled wryly. “Always the fucking attorney. Fine, I’ll show you actions but you better keep up your end of the bargain.”
I turned over onto my side away from him. “Don’t worry about me. Unlike you, I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”
Meet Selene
Selene Chardou is a world traveler and the alter-ego of Elle Chardou.
Ms. Chardou’s writing is all about hot romance and exciting times with the wild, damaged, out of control and/or rich and famous set in the New Adult realm.
She is currently working on The Will to Love, the second novel in the Scarlet Fever Series, which chronicles the relationship of Will Cullen and Laurel Munsen. She is also working on Deadly Seduction, the first novel in The Rough Riders series, which chronicles the issues between three Motorcycle Clubs, and various criminal elements in the tri-city area of Reno, Lake Tahoe and Carson City in Northern Nevada.
Ms. Chardou has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Review by Brenda
Deadly Seduction by Selene Chardou
Selene Chardou did a great job with this book, i was surprised that it was indeed a standalone even though it is part of a bigger series.  I recommend reading them all because they are just that good.  The characters have a real life, no mushy mumu BS that makes you feel like "this could never happen" its real. Deep inside we all want to be that MC VP's old lady don't we. 

Cillian was a bad boy with a problem, he doesn't WANT to be a killer but that's what he grew up in, its all he knows.  That and the MC.  He has habits picked up from being a biker all his life and these sometimes cause problems in the love he feels for Gisela, who isn't his wife. 

Gisela has loved one man her whole life. Her love kept her from getting serious with anyone else, and now he is back in her life and he needs her help. Her heartbreak feels so real you will cry, so keep tissue nearby. I loved this book and now have the whole series on my TBR list. 

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.


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