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Blog Tour: Panic JA Huss

Rook is chasing her dream—film school and a chance at a life beyond the one she ran from six months ago. But before she can become the girl she wants to be, she must deal with the girl she left behind.

Ronin is also chasing his dream—a family of his own and a life away from erotic modeling. And he too, has a past he’s trying to forget. A past that makes Rook question everything about their life together.

Lies, secrets, and shocking truths will rock the foundation Rook and Ronin have built. Can they put the past behind them and move forward together? Or is this just another too good to be true relationship that will crash and burn in the end?

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JA Huss is a SF and new adult romance junkie, has a love-hate relationship with the bad boys, and likes to write new adult books about people with real problems. She lives with her family on a small acreage farm in Colorado and has two donkeys named Paris and Nicole. Before writing fiction, she authored almost two hundred science workbooks and always has at least three works in progress. Her first new adult romance is called TRAGIC.

“I’m OcĂ©ane,” she says. Her accent is French. I have to turn away to stop the sneer. What did I expect? Antoine has beautiful girls walking around here every day. I’m one of them, actually. But even though Billy said they put out an international casting call, I guess I just expected Denver girls to show up. I take a deep breath and start checking her in, trying my best not to worry about Ronin being around all these beautiful women for the next few months while I’m up in the middle of fucking nowhere prancing around in my t-shirts and jeans, picking up parts for Spencer’s bike shop and playing extreme croquet in the snow with Ford.
It only goes downhill from there. One extraordinarily beautiful girl after another walks up those stairs. Billy knows what he’s doing sorting the wheat from the chaff, because they are all stunning with a capital S. I’m still mulling this over, half-heartedly checking in girls as they come up the stairs and sending them into the studio in groups of five, when the freight elevator dings.
We hardly ever use the freight elevator. Most of the time everyone just takes the stairs because the elevator is slow and clunky. So this ding actually makes me stop what I’m doing and turn around just in time to see a thin blonde girl exit with a man in a suit. It takes me a minute to recognize her because of the cute outfit and lack of make-up. She’s wearing pink sweatpants, a white tank top, and a cropped pink zippered jacket to match her pants. Her fresh face is glowing, her eyes are bright, and she is the picture of health. Her long hair is tied back in a ponytail and she looks like she’s about to model for Victoria’s Secret Pink line. She walks past me, never even looking in my direction, and the white letters splash across her ass. Yup. Pink all right.
“Who’s that?” someone asks from behind me.
She disappears behind the tall black partition wall put in place for the interviews and I can hear Ronin’s roar of delight.
“Clare Chaput,” I reply absently in a whisper. “That’s Clare Chaput.”

Review by Brenda's Book Beat: 

Panic by JA Huss

Great writing beautiful characters with depth in their back stories.  I felt like they were my best friends telling me a story about something that happened to them. I didn't read the first books, but if this one is anything like them you should definitely get the whole series. 

The chapters are labeled to show you whose point of view you are getting, I love that feature. The author is wonderful at the voice change and it gives the book a three dimensional feel. 

I loved this that Rook said, "Fiona , it's me Shrek. I rescued you from your tower to prove I'll fight for us. I'll fight for us every single time. You'll never have to wonder if I'll be there, because ill show the fuck up before that thought can even cross your mind. I want you Ronin, and I'll risk everything for you. I will never walk out on you."

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