Friday, August 23, 2013

"A Beautiful Mess" T.K. Leigh

Giving this book 3 stars.

This is a great story well worth reading. The suspense in this book left me guessing almost every other page. I couldn't put the book down waiting to see what the next twist would be.
Olivia and Alexander are expanding horizons and stepping out of comfort zones, this is a wonderful approach to the same old same old.  It is easy to feel what they feel.
Some of the wording and descriptions could have been written clearer in some places, in one place i thought Olivia was the oldest of her group, then it was said she was younger than someone and i was confused and had to go back to clarify.  There are a few phrases that are used multiple times, sometime in the same passage, that I thought could use a thesaurus but that's a personal thought.
*******Semi Spoiler Alert*********

The ending left me gasping and clawing around trying to find the next book in the series to see what the heck happens to our Heroes. The cliffhanger was reminiscent of old time TV season finales where they leave you so that you definitely want to come back... Well I for one am anxious for the next installment thats for sure.  A Series worth checking out!

"A Beautiful Mess" T.K. Leigh

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